Ozzie Ausband

We Could Have Been Beautiful

Lance Mountain

“We could have been beautiful.” I listened as the line went dead. “What the hell do you mean?” I asked the now dead phone line… Cryptic as always. I put the phone on the table and looked out of the window. I knew exactly what she had meant. Alcohol had chewed up any traces of honesty left in my veins and I walked through life in a shadowy realm of deception and obfuscation. I was always jogging ahead of everyone covering my tracks. Fear. Lies covering my handicaps. I poured some coffee and got mad at her. I threw things around my kitchen. “Bitch!” Exhausting my anger and self-loathing, I sat back and cried. The half empty bottle of vodka on the counter mocked me. Its curved lip grinned in disdain. I was nothing and it was everything. I pulled myself up and began cleaning up the mess I had made. “We could have been beautiful.” She was right…


Thank you to Arto Saari and MRZ for the images. Skate - Ozzie