Ozzie Ausband

Converse Coastal Carnage

Tom Remillard- 2011 Destroyer and Champ

Converse did it again. The SpeerCo crew came in and changed the Coastal Carnage  ramp complex and added difficulty and lines to an already insane venue. There are more lines than Disneyland and it’ll be standing room only as the riders fly and  go head to head for some destruction.

2012 Coastal Carnage Complex

oh yeah!

SpeerCo moved the shark bite peninsula over next to the cradle and added a smaller shallow end with pool coping to one of the bowl hits. All in all, it looks like a complex from the minds of madness. As I write, Al Brunelle, Skreech, Tom Remillard, Lance Mountain, Evan Mock, Curren Caples, Robbie Russo, Riley Stevens and others are taking the thing apart. It’ll be insane! Thanks to Converse, Steve Luther and SpeerCo for doing a ripping job. A-Game! Skate- Ozzie

Josh Borden lighting up last years shark bite peninsula