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Arianna Carmona

Arianna Carmona

As a skateboard photographer I can tell you that shooting photos of a contest is not something we particularly look forward to. There are a number of ways you can get a good skateboard photo without having to deal with the challenge of shooting photos in a crowd, competing for position with other photographers in a limited space. The good thing about contests is the high energy level. People make themselves do amazing things sometimes, when they’re given a limited time frame and just a few tries: lots of different skaters, great runs, last minute tricks… With a little luck your photography can capture some of that.

An event, like the Exposure, an all girl contest that happened last Saturday in San Diego, can be a good choice too. It brings a good level of girl skateboarding without the hassle of shooting photos in a corporate, mega event. This contest was bigger than last year and was featured on television.  To find out more about Exposure, go to:  http://exposureskate.org/     and     https://www.facebook.com/EXPOSUREskate?directed_target_id=0   To see some of what happened during the contest, check out the photos below. - Dan Bourqui

Amelia Brodka

Amelia smith grind

Allysha Bergado

Alisha Bergado

Julz Lynn, grind roll in

Julz grind in 01

Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto

Nicole Hause

Nicole Hause fs ollie

Gaby Ponce, air to fakie

Gaby Ponce air to fakie

Julz Lynn

Julz invert

Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto boneless

Mimi Knoop

Mimi Knoop

Alana Smith, mute air

Alana Smith mute air

Lizzie Armanto, lien to tail

Lizzie Armanto lien to tail 01

Alana Smith, 540 attempt

Alana Smith 540 attempt

Winners 01


Winnners 04



  1. Allysha Bergado ($1,200)

  2. Lizzie Armanto ($1,000)

  3. Julz Lynn ($900)

  4. Nora Vasconcellos ($800)

  5. Amelia Brodka ($600)


  1. Lizzie Armanto ($1,200)

  2. Mimi Knoop ($1,000)

  3. Allysha Bergado ($900)

  4. Gaby Ponce ($800)

  5. Nicole Hause ($600)


  1. Arianna Carmona

  2. Annika Vrklan

  3. Bryce Ava Wettstein

  4. Poppy Olsen

  5. Jordyn Barratt


  1. Arianna Carmona

  2. Poppy Olsen

  3. Annika Vrklan

  4. Bryce Ava Wettstein

  5. Jordyn Barratt

TOP OVERALL AMATEUR (bowl and vert combined)

Arianna Carmona