Ozzie Ausband

On the Eighth Day / Cherry Hill

Victor Perez

During the late nineteen seventies, there were skateparks all over the United States. All of the parks had locals that made their park a sanctuary. It was like a religious cult where many in the community would come on a regular basis to share their bond by skating together. We all believed in the same things and read the same scripture, SkateBoarder Magazine.

Jami Godfrey

Eric Grisham

From a true miracle, in nineteen seventy eight, Cherry Hill Skate Park was born.  It was a miracle because there were no other parks designed like it. First, it was indoors, so it could be ridden all year round on the east coast. Second, it featured unheard of terrain for its time. Lastly, it brought the top disciples of skateboarding to unveil it to its followers.     

Mike Jesiolowski R.I.P.

Word spread quickly of the glory of its creation. For the scriptures showed the best riders grinding its three quarter pipe and airing its egg pool. The skaters from the New Jersey skateparks like Vineland, Seaside Heights, and Thunder Dome in York, Pa. came. They came from Crofton and Ocean Bowl in Maryland. New York's Sonic Wave in Albany. They came from Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island and other states too. Then more came back with the disciples from the promised land of California. To those that rode Cherry Hill, it was glorious.  

Mike Hirsch

Jamie Mosberg

Eric Grisham

Papo Cappello

The locals that lived close to CHSP were privileged to be in close proximity to it. Many from afar were there often as well:  Evan Feen from Rhode Island, Tim Cunningham and Mike Maxwell from Virginia, Jamie Mosberg, Papo Cappello and Kevin Cook from New York made frequent pilgrimages to ride this true oasis. These riders were there so often, they were as much a local as myself or Tom Groholski. Jay Adams, Tony Alva, and Shogo Kubo were some of the first of skateboarding's 'greatest' to ride this park. More than once, I've heard these legends compared to as 'higher powers' in regards to their abilities on a skateboard! For all locals and visiting 'greats' that rode CHSP, you sure were a part of something divine.

Victor Perez

Words by Jami Godfrey.  Images by Cody Letsinger.