Ozzie Ausband

Curren Caples.

This weekend, I was to do an interview with Steve Olson but the logistics became tangled & things were kicked sideways. Lance had a few people over & Curren Caples was there with some of his friends.  Salba, Eric Nash, Tony Farmer (sporting a new cast compliments of a Fresno pool), Rick Charnoski & Buddy Nichols were there, as well as some other pool pals.  I saw Curren at ‘Ridiculous’ last February when Peter King brought him out to film for ‘Hurley’ at the pool. He ripped really hard! Curren is amazing. He has great style, super board control & seems oblivious to the hype that surrounds him. Lances pool is pretty gnarly, yet he cruised it padless & fearless with smooth airs & grinds everywhere. When I was leaving Saturday, I looked back toward the pool & every face was smiling & laughing. I said to myself,  “This is how all Saturdays should be”. Thanks to Peter King for the image- Skate-Ozzie