Ozzie Ausband

The Skateboard Mag's 100th Issue Celebration

Tonight was stellar. Hollywood. Crowded sidewalks. Neon. The Skateboard Mag was celebrating its 100th issue! Photographs of skateboarding. Ray Barbee playing music. A huge room overflowing with skateboarders. The walls were covered with some amazing photographic works. Some greats…  Lance Mountain’s FS Invert channel hop by Brittain, Geoff Rowley - Acosta image at the flume and a photo of Spanky that absolutely ruled. It was a glass fronted building wall ride shot from inside. People had fun, the vibe was stellar and the show went off properly! Thanks to everyone at The Skateboard Mag for all you do. Thanks to MRZ & Ray Barbee for the ride up and the good conversation. Congrats to everyone involved. Skate- Ozzie



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Ray Barbee