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Eddie Elguera - Protec

Eddie Elguera

My best friend Jim Howell is in town for the Protec. We spent yesterday skating with TA . It was epic. Jim looked over the Eddie Elguera post and commented that he always considered Eddie to be one of most innovative skateboarders of his time. “It seemed as though every contest, Eddie developed something unique. He was inventive. FS rocks, footplants, fakie ollies, Elguerials… he was always doing something new!” Here is a Q&A session with El Gato. Enjoy- Ozzie

BTO- Since this is your first Protec, how do you feel about qualifying? How have the pre-Protec practice sessions been?

Eddie-  About qualifying , a little nervous! But I’m feeling good about my skating. I’ve been setting time aside and spending more time at the Combi to practice. So now I’m feeling good! The practice sessions… It’s been great to see so many legends, pros and the new generation all skating together.

BTO-When was your last bowl competition and how was it?

Eddie-I got the priviledge to skate the Bondi and Manly bowl comps in February.  Before that it had been seven years. That’s when I skated the Soul Bowl series in Huntington Beach and Virginia Beach.

BTO- Why have you been absent from bowl competitions for this long?

Eddie- I’ve been a pastor for the past twenty years, and six years ago I was asked to start a new church in the Palm Springs area. So I’ve been focused on building the church.

BTO- Was it difficult to come back and why?

Eddie- Yes and no. Yes, because I don’t have the endurance I once had. That was the hardest part. But I am turning fifty this year, so I guess I’m not doing too bad for an old guy! No, because skating is in my blood! My wife says I’m calmer and more at peace when I skate! Some guys golf… I skate!

BTO- Do you feel any old vibes (good or bad) from your peers?

Eddie- No bad vibes at all! It’s been all good. Everyone is so encouraging, supportive and helpful! There’s a cool camaraderie and mutual respect when we’re all skating together, regardless of what was in the past.

BTO- Do you feel ready for Protec and what are your expectations?

Eddie- I’ve put in my time and I feel good. I’m hoping to make the finals, but there’s a lot of really good skaters that are now in the Masters division. I just hope to stay on during my runs! I’m going to just give it my all and leave it all in the bowl for all the fans to enjoy.

BTO- What is the best part of being back in competitions?

Eddie- Seeing old friends and meeting new friends! It’s different now. No team animosity, just a bunch of guys who all have a common love for the sport. Especially with all the bowl competitions now. It’s all coming full circle.

Thanks to Eddie Elguera for taking the time with us and thank you to MRZ for the image. Skate- Ozzie