Ozzie Ausband


Style is everything. Watching Buster Halterman skate the barn ramp in Wellsville, Pennsylvania, back in the 90s, I had the chance to see plenty of style. The guy looked stylish even when he was falling…its absurd. Blaize Blouin was a stylish guy as well, and we all love Chris Miller’s style. In an interview, Steve Caballero stated to me that, “Its important for the rider to make a trick look as big & stylish as possible…it is everything.” Skateboarding style has changed, in conjunction with the way skateboarding has evolved. Back in the 1960s & 1970s, people would ride in a very ‘surf-oriented’ style. Now, there are street styles, switch- stance styles, vert styles & good old-fashioned slasher styles. One thing still holds true. We all know a great style when we see it. Aaron Astorga definitely has it on ‘lock.’ Thank you to Peter King for the image of Aaron Astorga at Mt. Helix. Skate-Ozzie