Ozzie Ausband

My Rules / Glen E. Friedman


Glen E. Friedman has a new book coming out in September- ‘My Rules’  The word icon and iconic are used far too frequently these days. I’ve heard Glen E. Friedman and his work described in this manner. In his case, it is completely apropos. He was in so many right places at so many right times with so many right people… you’d think he had a Magic Genie lamp or something. I can assure you that no such lamp was ever in his possession, but he did see the future somehow. That much is clear as glass. Glen observed the banality in the world around him and wanted no part of it. He saw what his friends in skateboarding and music were inventing and he stood with them. There could be no other way. The photographs that he took burned their way into the brain cells of skateboarders and music lovers all over the planet. I am one of these. I had his photographs on my walls. I bought his books. I still buy his books. I always will… Glen and I have become friends over the years. After 911, I flew to NYC and walked around the city with him for a few days. I like how he thinks.


I wanted to help promote the book and hence the cultures we all grew up with and love. Glen likes and reads the Blue Tile Obsession as you do, so we decided to bring the BTO readers an in-depth exclusive look at a small part of his new book - My Rules  - in a unique way. Toward the end of the book, there is a skate collage, a punk collage and a hip hop collage of photographs, and each weekday (until the week before the book’s official release), I will be posting one photograph from the skate collage for you to see close-up. The images will appear larger on the BTO FB site exclusively, thanks to Glen’s generosity. In the book, they are smaller as they are part of the collage and they are not captioned. Here we will share with you the full information on these cool shots that he has put together. Most of these skate photographs from around the world, have not seen the light of day. Not until now. Amazon is having a pre-order special on the book - My Rules. Click here to get the deal (which we can’t promise will be there too long), and get yourself this massive seven pound skate and music filled monster. My Rules. Thank you for supporting my friend’s book and thank you for reading. - Ozzie. Please check the BTO FB page every morning. FB BLUE TILE OBSESSION