Ozzie Ausband

New Blood / Max Jenson

BTO- Where are you from?
Max- I'm from North Hampton, New Hampshire aka "The frozen tundra"
BTO- How long have you been skating and what is your favorite thing to ride?
Max- I have been skating since the age of five.  I skate vert and bowls because I love the feeling of grinding super fast and blasting big airs and spins.  Transition skating  feels very similar to halfpipe snowboarding and I've spent the last eight years chasing both sports.


BTO- Who are your influences?
Max- I’ve been influenced from my past snowboarding career and several Pros and Masters in skateboarding.  I think Chris Miller, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi are true rippers.  They have great style and flow while they skate.  Personally I try to mix their style with some of the pros.  I think Bucky Lasek, Alex Perelson and Pedro Barros have absolutely amazing tricks.  I’ve decided to focus my free time skateboading these days but hope that my experience in two sports will develop into a unique skating style.
BTO- Who are your sponsors?
Max- Vans, 187 killer pads and Pioneers Board Shop.
BTO_ What are your favorite tricks?
Max- Frontside Lien airs, Frontside Varials and Mute 540’s

Max- FS Bluntslide- Combi

Max- FS Bluntslide- Combi

Thanks to Max Jenson for taking the time to speak with us. Thanks to Lorrie Palmos, Dan Bourqui and Paxton for the images. Skate- Ozzie