Ozzie Ausband

World Cup Amateur Combi Pool Party

I drove over to Vans tonight so I could watch the practice of the Ams as they prepared for the contest. It is an amazing thing to me. When the Combi opened in November of 1998, there weren’t any four foot tall humans doing head high airs and running amok in the pool. The Combi was heavily ridden by men over 35 years of age. Now, 14 years later and thousands of new skate parks into this revolution… ripping young kids are commonplace. I watched tonight as several skaters threw down some heavy lines and trick combinations. It was inspiring. I watched the old ways die hard…  2011 WCS Amateur Bowl Champion- Heimana Reynolds was absolutely ruling it tonight. He and his father are funny, super nice and I rather enjoyed their company. Now that I’ve seen most of the riders and their lines, I will be posted up on the deck Saturday. Remember little dudes… no half-pipe stuff. Stomp twelve or fourteen bangin walls and get out. That’s how Miller wins… Good luck this weekend. Thanks to Matt Reynolds for the image. Skate- Ozzie

For more information check out the World Cup link: World Cup