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Steve Olson / Guest Post

Steve Olson Hester I / Big O

Steve Olson Hester I / Big O

Steve Olson

When it first happens. No one knows exactly what to expect. The energy is beyond, the boundaries broken. Everyone  involved understands. To say I could put it in words would be a lie, but I’ll try. The first series of its kind. Competing in empty swimming pools at skateparks. That was weird enough. But it had to happen. It helped guide skating in a direction for quite sometime. Everyone seemed pretty stoked on being involved. New faces showing up, established pros killing it. The food fights were amazing in their own right. The skating and the equipment were changing from contest to contest. Tricks being unveiled and blowing people’s minds. Inverts, roll ins, channel airs, doubles, one wheeler contests, longest carve, highest air contests… It goes on and on, and no one would have ever figured this would have happened. But it did, and it was amazing. Thank you Henry Hester…. We owe you more than you can ever imagine. - Steve Olson

Thank you to Steve Olson for the memories and William Sharp for the previously unseen image. The William Sharp book ‘Back in the Day’ will be out on shelves this fall. - Ozzie