Ozzie Ausband

Sam Beckett

Sam Beckett- crail

I met Sam through Alex Perelson and Brian Fick. They all came out to ride pools one summer Sunday. The air was hot and difficult as the summers are particularly brutal here in San Bernardino. We rode three different pools. I recall that it took Sam a bit of time to adjust to the harsh weather and tight transitions of the backyard pools. You see, Sam is a vert skater from England. He is a bright spot in vertical skateboarding’s future. Technical, powerful and well-rounded, Sam can put together some truly insane vertical skateboarding.

BS Smith deathbox

When he came back out to ride pools again a few weeks after his first visit, Sam had adapted very quickly and was immediately more comfortable in the pools. He ripped! I’ve had the opportunity to ride the DC vert ramp with Sam, Alex, Brian, PLG and the others.  They are definitely advancing the discipline of vertical skating to another level. I am glad that Sam Beckett is here. Thanks to Brian Fick for the image. Skate- Ozzie