Ozzie Ausband

Pierre Luc Gagnon

PLG- lipslide

I like Pierre. He’s a really cool person. Sometimes professional riders can be…  well, let’s say - “Goons”. He is not one of these. He’s down to earth and rips really hard! We hang out from time to time and I always have fun skating with him. His lack of ego allows him to have fun and isn’t that the real reason we all started and kept skateboarding in the first place? Anyway, I am working on a few new permissions so I can get some good sessions in with my friends. We recently lost a few of the ones we had going. People in the downtrodden areas of town wait until the hottest part of the summer and fill the pool with the garden hose. They swim in it until its pea green and then leave it sit as a mosquito-infested cesspool. I can wait. I always do. I’ll bring you more PLG in the backyards as it occurs. Good luck to Pierre this summer ripping in the contests and don’t let that snowboarder win! It aint right. Thanks to Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie