Ozzie Ausband

the cure all

I’ve started feeling sick lately. My head. My brain isn’t wired correctly and sometimes my thoughts are particularly disturbing. It tells me to hurt myself… to lash out at others with viciousness. I pray and do all I can to prevent either of those things. After all I’ve been through, I never want to hurt myself or anyone again. Kindness is not weakness. People better remember that! I haven’t really been writing on the Blue Tile Obsession because I didn’t really know what to say. People have been bumming me out. This made me realize that I needed to write something and stoke out my pool pals as I’ve been receiving emails and things regarding my silence. I have been writing though. I recently completed three  articles for the new Skateboarder’s Journal that is coming out soon. I finished a Tony Alva piece and a double article on Mimi Knoop and Nora Vasconcellos. I am hoping that you will all check them out.

A few weeks ago, Lance, TA, MRZ and I went skateboarding together. It was one of those perfect days. Sunshine, the ocean, good food, friends and pool riding. It made me realize that the world will always be an imperfect place. It can be full of conflict, ugliness and human weakness. However, there are moments of perfection that override all of these. That day of skateboarding with my good friends, washed away all of the bad juju and made me feel clean again. Skateboarding is the cure all. Thanks to everyone for the messages and MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie