Ozzie Ausband

a quarter million- a day in the life

coffee, oatmeal, bing maps = start of my day

When I woke up this morning, I saw that during the night I had passed the 250,000 page views total on Blue Tile Obsession. I found that interesting. I had shut down the BTO for a year and a half when I was writing on Concrete Disciples or the total would be even higher. That may not be very many page views to the big magazines out there but to me it’s pretty cool. I guess I’m doing something right. So, in the interest of keeping it real, I went out and drove the grid all day long. I found about a dozen pools, most of which were junk.

little buttercup

could this once have been a refreshing refuge from the heat!?

I drank five bottles of water, drove 143 miles, ate two MetRx bars, had an egg taco, oatmeal, coffee and made rice & beans when I came home. I listened to the Cocteau Twins, Iron Maiden and The Exploited throughout the day. I drove countless streets, alley’s and freeways.


one of the better finds today


I chuckled at the stupidity of people, thought of a certain girl, talked to about twelve people on the phone, saw three police officers, eleven gangsters and three prostitutes. I watched a car run off the road in a cloud of dust. I passed numerous people texting and driving.

I have been watching this house for over two years. Always knew the pool was there. Today, I find it empty... and steep.

mmm hmmm

he never even looked over at me...

I saw a homeless man taking a dump under a tree. I had bugs all over me. I hopped about a dozen fences today. I thought of porn. I thought of booze. I thought of weed. I am glad I need none of those three things any longer. I prayed to God. I felt bad for pregnant teenagers because there was one on almost every corner. I had a pretty good day. Thanks for reading. Love- Ozzie

rocket pocket with a problem

over the fence next door to rocket pocket