Ozzie Ausband

Converse CC Day II

Lance Mountain hucking one into the hole

We are soon heading over to the Converse Coastal Carnage. Practice. Day II. Scantly clad females are everywhere. Girls with magic marker invitations written on their stomachs - “Free Hugs.” “Take Me Home.” “My name is Summer and I’m Hot.” I can only imagine the pride that their parents must feel. I laughed quite often yesterday.

Hurley's Peter King. Stepped over from the US Open to surf style a bit.

Lifeblood's Mason Merlino

The Hurley US Open of surfing is going on as well. The event is literally a beach version of Woodstock. There are parties, cool people, surfing, skating, bands, food and about as much buffoonery as one could imagine. Police are in full force so you better watch your ass. The skate practice has been unreal. My pal Al Brunelle is ripping. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Al - Heelamonster on the shizzle stump