Ozzie Ausband

Shane Hidalgo Memorial Skate Jam Contest

Shane Hidalgo

Shane Hidalgo was an amazing person and tremendous skateboarder that never hesitated to come along side someone in need to lend a hand or provide some encouragement. Shane had helped Aura on a number of fronts in the months before he tragically lost his life including providing instruction at the park and helping put together a skateboarding contest. Now it is time for us to follow Shane’s example.

We have decided to move forward and hold the contest that Shane was planning and call it the Shane Hidalgo Memorial Skate Jam and Contest. The majority of the proceeds will be given to Shane’s family. Jeff King will be commentating. We will have several professional and former professional skateboarders as judges. Please attend, share this with all your friends and spread the word to everyone you know.- Ozzie

INFO- Shane Hidalgo Event