Ozzie Ausband

BIG day out with PLG

It was cloudy. It had rained the night before. The gutters muttered to me as I picked up the phone and passed around the bad news. No session today. Fortunately, the sun broke through, everything dried and a crew rallied and headed up from San Diego. Pierre Luc Gagnon, Sam Beckett, Chet Thomas & Brian Fick were enroute. Al Brunelle joined me at the house. Bunk was with us as well. We drained the rainwater out of two pools and once they arrived, we quickly moved into turbo mode. PLG is super nice. He was laid back and spent just a brief period of time trying to figure out the shallow end. Once he tapped into the power, he was off & running! There are times when vert riders come out to skate pools. They expect to rip and end up struggling. Many times, the struggle with their own ego becomes the greater battle. Imagine if you will… You can do a head high McTwist on vert but you can barely get a FS grind over a deathbox in a backyard pool. It must be very frustrating.

PLG didn’t really seem to mind the differences between vert and backyards.   He was up to the challenge. He struggled only a few runs and then he was good to go. He let it happen and the fun he started having was evident by the look on his face. He inspired.  He threw down some great crailslides, lipslides and a huge method air that made us all drop-jawed! Sam Beckett stepped up with crails, Smiths and back tail slides, Chet Thomas got his and Al Brunelle ripped feebles, front rocks and BS 360 ollies. We had a fantastic day. I was impressed with how it all came together. Pools are the ultimate equalizer. You either get it… or you don’t. On this day, we all got it! Thanks to the crew for the session & thank you to Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie