Ozzie Ausband

Brandon Perelson

I have lauded the talents of the Perelson brothers on numerous occasions and I think I will do so again today. Not to put too fine a point on it…  but these guys are inspiring to skate with. I spent the weekend in San Diego riding the DC vert ramp with Jonathan Spooner, PLG, Alex Perelson, Sam Beckett, Brian Fick and a few others. It was a different world. I came from a vert ramp background and once I moved back to California in 1997, I got into the backyard pool thing and never really looked back. This weekend, I found myself floating a few airs and going fast. It was a nice change. I spent today watching Combi practice sessions. More on all of that at a later date. I’ll keep everyone aware of what is happening with Protec. Here is a great shot of Brandon Perelson and a quick video clip. Ripping! Thanks to Corey Cabrera for the video and Brian Fick for the image. Skate- Ozzie