Ozzie Ausband

visualize your own lines

perfection in the fall of 2008

A few years ago, when I would find a pool, it would seem awesome to me. I would check the transitions and peer down the face wall thinking “Well, there doesn’t seem to be too much vert on it.” Salba and others would come to ride the pool and they would say, “Why did you go to the trouble of draining & cleaning this! There is no shallow or it’s pinched or the loveseat cuts into the transitions too much.”

can you see it?

The point that I’m trying to make is that I was finding the pools but I wasn’t visualizing the lines. The set up, the flow and the development of speed was lost on me. Since I’ve now ridden so many pools, I have a far greater understanding of what will be good and what will not. However, some pools are a ‘no-brainer’. I see the pool and I know. I visualize in my minds eye exactly how to get speed, where I can do an air and what the line is to get the deathbox or side ladder stairs.

perfect for you to...

We found this big beauty in the fall of 2008. It lasted a month or two. Police came on the last day and set us down, set out to check our I.D.’s and then set us on our way. It’s a swimmer now. A happy family lives there. I know because I check it about once a month! Rather than show you images of Salba ruling it (which he did), I thought I’d just let you visualize your own lines. You rip it! Skate- Ozzie