Ozzie Ausband


Jim Howell- Arto's pool

My best friend on the planet just left to fly home today. I feel sad and happy at the same time. It is an odd feeling actually. I am sad that he had to leave from his visit and like all great things…  time flew by on massive wings. I am happy though because I was able to take him to skate with TA and he skated the Malibu clover and Arto’s pool. We went to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the Protec Qualifiers. Jim rarely is able to see such skateboarding events and it was awesome for him to be on the deck mingling with everyone. We rode Ridiculous, got to hang out with Alex Perelson and everyone else all weekend. The Protec contest was an amazing way to finalize the trip. I got Jimbo on the deck with me and he was absolutely blown away by the skating yesterday. Driving quietly to San Diego late last night, Jim looked over at me and said, “That was the most incredible skating I have ever seen in my entire life!” I am glad to have a friend like him. He has seen me at my very worst and at my best. He has supported me through it all.


We were riding Arto’s pool the other day. It was only Jim and I. The sun splashed through the tree branches and it was a perfect morning. We laughed and called each other names. We made some tricks and bailed others. There was no contest, no ego, no agenda. Time stood still. We were ‘in the moment.’ Years from now when I look back on this trip, I won’t think of Pedro’s ten foot air at the Protec. I won’t think of driving in gridlock traffic on the 405. I won’t think about struggling to get the proper wristbands for us to get on the deck of the contest. I won’t think of the heat, the strife and the chaos around us all week…  I will think of Jim and I just grinding away in Arto’s backyard. Two friends bonded by skateboarding. Skate- Ozzie

FS shallow grind