Ozzie Ausband

Darrel Delgado

The first time I saw Darrel Delgado skate a pool, I took my pads off and sat down. I watched. He was like some strange alien that had landed on earth and decided to skateboard. The laws of gravity that govern the rest of us had no bearing on him. The parts of the pool that everyone avoided–with the kinks and cancer and 18 inch transitions–he sought out! Not only did he seek those areas out but he dissected those imperfections like a surgeon. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t really speak with him. He is underground. I am pretty sure that he’ll be mad at me for posting this…. Over the years, we’ve crossed paths periodically but I haven’t had the privilege of riding with him again. I think he is probably the greatest shallow end guy in the game. Darrel will ride a pool that is shaped like a shoebox and completely destroy it….  like I said- I think he’s an alien. Check out the video link and you’ll understand. Respect. Thanks to Brandon Wong for the images. Skate- Ozzie