Ozzie Ausband

Gonzales pool...again.

[caption id=“attachment_3441” align=“aligncenter” width=“405” caption=“Ray Flores- found the Gonzales pool- 1977.”]


Gonzales pool. October 3, 2000

Mr. Jose Gonzales & Tony Alva- July 1999
The Gonzales pool was found by Ray Flores in 1977. He kept it under wraps until Mr. G gave them permission to ride it on a regular basis. The Z boys kept it to themselves & the Gonzales  pool history was assured. Many amazing things were done there & barriers broken during its time. This is a dedication to Mr. Jose Gonzales, Ray Flores & Tony Alva. Thank you from all of us. Remember your skate history. It is truly important. Thank you to Bryce Kanights for the Ray Flores image. (notice the hand-drawn, Wes Humpston ‘Bulldog’ deck, Ray is riding) Skate Long-Ozzie