Ozzie Ausband

Dead heart in a dead world.

Yesterday was a monotony of concrete roadways and people clamoring in crowds around the beaches. Labor day. The end of summer. ‘They’ all go home to wherever ‘they’ are from and resume the lie. We clean up the beach cities & heave a collective sigh of relief. We have our beaches back. The sun was bright,  yet I felt empty as I was preoccupied with internal issues. New job, few friends, little money….and on and on. With this interior monologue playing in my head (“Woe is me”), I opened an email from MRZ. This photograph and others were sent for my use. It spoke to me of all the great things in my life. Pools, pool pals, the smile of a certain cute girl, the sun beaming down daily, food in my stomach & the knowledge that I am not alone in feeling despair at times. Not to put too fine a point on it, this photograph reminded me to always stay in gratitude. I must be grateful for what I do have! Thanks to MRZ for the inspiration & photograph. Skate long Skate strong-Ozzie

Rockit- shallow stairs.