Ozzie Ausband

Pamela Brodowski

I first met Pam back in the summer of 2008. She came out to ride backyard pools with some pool pals. I was stoked to see a girl charging on the backyard plaster. I don’t think girls look good black and blue but it was a strange comfort to see a woman tackling the steep backyards that we went to. It was pretty cool. I have seen Pam here and there over the years. She is always smiling, positive and friendly.

When I heard of her diagnosis, I was bummed…  I knew that she would be going through some Hell. As a former Oncology RN in a major hospital, I have seen and assisted in the treatment of many people. To combat horror, sometimes you need to use greater horror. Chemo and Radiation can be a MF. I have seen it first hand. I applaud her fight and courage. There is a fundraiser for Pam coming up at Fontana. Please attend and let us help her. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate - Ozzie