Ozzie Ausband

Classic Favorites - Orangewood

May 1999. Anaheim, California. Toby Burger found this wonderful little nugget of joy. I was working one day and Andy Mac called me on the cell. He told me to meet him & Rhino off the I-5 freeway at 4:00 pm. “We’re going to skate the best pool ever!” I was stoked and that afternoon, I found myself crunched up in the back seat of Andy’s Honda Civic. We arrived and it was immediately apparent that the pool was spectacular. The transitions were perfect as were the coping, bowl and obstacles. We rode the Orangewood for a few short months and finally a family moved in, filled it up & it was lost to us. I frequently think about this pool and those sessions all those years ago. It was a great pool and a special time. Thanks to Rhino for the image of Charno. Skate- Ozzie