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Guest Post - Wesley Trbovich

Rune Glifberg

Wesley Trbovich

I woke up this morning to another beautiful sunny day in Southern California. After cranking out my morning routine, I headed up to Arto’s for a little warm up session. When I got there, Rune and Corbin where already in the deep end sweeping out the infamous death berries. The charging commenced and the smell of burning metal filled the morning air. After the wake up session, the plan was to go meet up with Lance in the SGV and head to Rusty’s for a few hours. Plans quickly changed and we moved the session to Angelo’s for some action at The Clover.

Wesley carving while Corbin , Angelo and Lance look on

Angelo- BS grind

Lance Mountain reaching...

Between Lance and Angelo’s ever comedic antics and Rune’s oh so serious blasters, there were some heavily balanced vibes in the air. After a couple hours of ripping and the sun setting itself so beautifully behind the mountain, it was only right to go soak our bones in the Jacuzzi. As the night winded down, I had to stop and think about just how lucky we are. I mean, come on. How many people share a common passion where they can get together with their pals and entertain each other for hours on end doing something they love? When the days get hectic, it is times like this that remind me how truly blessed we all are.

Wesley, Trevor, Rune, Arto and Lance

Thank you to Arto Saari for the images. Big shout out to The OZ man for allowing me to be a guest on The Blue Tile. It’s a true honor. Until next time… Wesley Trbovich