Ozzie Ausband

Zach Miller - Protec

Zach Miller - high speed nose grind

I read a cool quote recently. “Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” I thought of Zach Miller. Chris Miller. Chris may cast a long shadow over his son in the skateboarding world but Zach seems up to the task of finding his own place in the sun. He is bright, insightful and has an opinion all his own. Recently, he has been skating better than ever and I asked him a few questions regarding the Protec and his skateboarding.- Ozzie

Zach Miller

I have been skating the Combi a lot… To be honest, I have always been really intimidated by it. For one, the Combi is incredibly unforgiving. It’s easy to get going Mach-10 and it will bring you back down to zero instantly! The Combi can end you if you get off of your line bad enough.  Secondly, my dads name is hanging from every banner (except one) in the room. That is not a bad thing by any means. It’s rad! But still, it is intimidating.  A lot to live up to… My dad doesn’t pressure or expect anything of me. He has never been a skate coach. He has always pushed and helped me, but never forced me to skate. I guess I’m really competitive and have this idea that I have to live up to his legacy. If that pressure comes from anyone, it’s probably myself, thinking that the skateboard world expects me to be my dad.  I don’t know what people think but if they expect me to be him, they should shut up and try a few of his lines cause they are pretty damn difficult… That being said, I have been skating the Combi a lot & I want to do well.

corner air

In preparation for Protec, I have put my work in this year and am feeling pretty good. I’ve learned some new lines and have definitely been pushing myself. I choked last year, so I’m determined to prove myself. I’ve got a few last minute things I want to learn. I watch Rune really closely and –of course– my dad. They are my main influences for this thing.  Hewitt, Bucky and Pedro are all amazing to watch as well…  I think I watch Rune the most though. He’s so sick. I’ve noticed that the people who can really destroy the Combi are the ones who are masters at speed and control in and out of the corners. It’s not just about going fast, you have to know when to downshift as well.

The Protec Pool Party is – in my mind – the most prestigious and gnarliest bowl contest of the year. There is no other contest like it. Everyone is there and everyone goes off. It is amazing. The energy level in the room is insane!  I love it. It is an adrenalin rush…. To be honest,  I sort-of black out during contests. I know it must be fun, otherwise I wouldn’t love it so much. In the end, it all comes down to this. As long as I get to have fun and skate with all my friends. I’ll be happy. - Zach Miller

Thank you to Zach Miller for taking the time with us and MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie