Ozzie Ausband

CCC Friday

Greyson Fletcher

Friday was epic over at the CCC. Every heavy that ever was had stopped by to take a rip and a dip. The crowd was into it and some doubles quickly went down with Riley Stevens and Greyson Fletcher providing some speedy amusement for the masses.

Riley Stevens with a backtail while Greyson hovers above.

Lance Mountain - invert on the sharkbait


Greyson is a raw nerve ending. He has no problem getting it all out there! He has shocked me so often in the past while skating that If that dude were to fall out of the ceiling while I was eating dinner, I’d just say “Hello” and offer him a plate! He flew yesterday and the differences between him and the others was noticeable. Lance lit it up, Robbie Russo, Omar, Borden and damn near everyone else were getting their lines down. Everyone was on a tear and the CCC contest is going to be unreal! Thanks to Arto Saari for the images. Skate- Ozzie