Ozzie Ausband


“The best part of beauty is that which no photograph can express.”- Francis Bacon Sr.

Eddie Elguera and Lance Mountain came by the house the other day. We skated, talked about contests and pools from the past and basically had a fantastic time. There is a timelessness to them both. When I was living back in Pennsylvania, I had photographs of Eddie taped onto my wall. He was inventive and inspirational. In the mid 1980’s, I was in the military. I would buy Thrasher magazine and see images of Lance ripping. My friends and I watched the Bones Brigade videos. We all thought that Lance really represented what was at the heart of skateboarding for all of us. There was a beauty in the act of just riding. It was the souls expression. Perfection. No rules, no coach, no ego…  just a skateboard and its rider. Here we are many years later in Peter King’s backyard at Ridiculous. They are inspiring. Men of God. Good people. Great skateboarders. Timeless. Thank you to Jim Goodrich & MRZ for the images. Thank you to Eddie Elguera and Lance Mountain for being who you are. Skate- Ozzie