Ozzie Ausband

Oceanside 1985

Jeff Kendall - Oceanside, Ca.  August 1985

In 1985, I was still in the military. I was at Camp Pendleton, stationed at the 53 Area with the 1st Marine Division. When we weren’t on training exercises or out of the country, I would find places to ride. I took a long bus ride to Del Mar Skate Ranch from time to time. I saw Billy Ruff, Lester Kasai & Adrian Demain ripping there. Sometimes Tony Hawk would be there and I would sit and just shake my shaved head…..  ”Jesus!” I had a friend who was –originally–from Ohio. We were both infantry medics. His name was Damon. His wife was a stripper and we would always hang out and drink with all her friends. He lived down in Oceanside off of Wisconsin Ave. He skated a little bit. We would bomb the hills leading down to Mission Avenue, grab tacos at Los Panchos and ride on the strand. In the summer, the Oceanside contest was held right beside the pier. There is a huge ampitheatre and they would set up jump ramps and things….  ”street style”.

I remember going there and sitting in the blazing sun all day long to watch. Damon was like  ”Dude! Come on. Let’s cruise around and grab a beer.”  I stayed. “I’ll catch up with you later.”  I replied. My eyes never left the skaters blasting off the jump ramps below. In the photograph above, I was one of those sitting on the concrete seats….  wishing. I recall the colorfully -dressed crowds and the cars constantly driving by on the beach-front streets. I remember -Tears For Fears and Simple Minds blaring from every radio… Oceanside. August 1985. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the images. Skate - Ozzie