Ozzie Ausband

Baldy- a look back.

it is the journey, not the destination...

Baldy pipe. Years of skateboarding madness has echoed through its hallowed corridor of concrete beauty. Pioneers. Muck, Tay Hunt, Autry, Valdez, Schneider, Cortum, Ayers, the Alba brothers, Hawks, Worm, Biniak and the list goes on and on. Through the 1970’s and up into the modern era, skateboarders all over the world have made the holy pilgrimage. It is THEE place one must skate!

Michael Serna Jr. - "One giant step..."

Samwise Gamgee - up in the Baldy hole

one must heed the writing on the wall...

Andy Macdonald - image: Grant Brittain

Serna Skate Clan Birthday Session