Ozzie Ausband

World Cup / Vans Amateur Combi Contest

There is an old saying - “Youth is wasted on the youth.”  So they say…  It sounds like a bunch of old men grumbling if you ask me. Jealousy. Bitterness. I–for one–do envy the whole fearless & padless approach to  modern day skateboarding and I frequently wish for a new lower back and knees… but on the whole, I am happy to see the new era dawning with the young guns utterly destroying! The World Cup / Vans Combi Am went off yesterday. I sat and watched virtually every run being taken. I am amazed at the raw natural talent, fearlessness and power that these young guys are displaying. My beloved vertical skateboarding will not be driven underground by an industry that seems to care little for it… Vertical is rad and don’t you forget it!

I didn’t set up to cover the contest with a photographer and all…  MRZ was sidelined and watching and Brandon Wong celebrated his birthday yesterday by skating some backyard pools. Naka came through and sent me these images and I thank him here and now: Thank you! Thank you to Vans, Don & Danielle Bostick, the judges and Dave Duncan- you all do a fantastic job! If I mess up with any of the placings…  you have my apologies. Skate - Ozzie

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