Ozzie Ausband

blood brothers?

Paul Constantineau & Jim 'Reddog' Muir- Skatopia 1977 Paul Constantineau-Skatopia 1977 Blood Brothers. You don't have to take an oath. One doesn't need a knife across the palm and a varied virus exchange in order to seal the deal. You know what I mean? You better! I have friends that I would take a bullet for. Some things transcend this pathetic 'so-called' life we live. A parents love for their kids. Siblings. Brothers. Its all one in the same. My old friends Jim Howell and Scott Ward? I'd run into gunfire for those guys. Straight in....not a micro-second of thought. It doesn't matter if they would do the same. Its only important that I am willing. I wonder how many people view friendship in such a fashion. Do you think it odd? I don't have very close family ties. My friends are my life...what few I have. I take that seriously. I saw these images and wondered. Blood brothers? Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the images. (Look at the board. The Wes 'Bulldog' Humpston artwork is brilliant!) Skate-Ozzie