Ozzie Ausband

Lords of Dogtown and the Dogbowl

TA & me... on the set at 'Dogbowl'

TA- FS grind in 'Dogbowl'. note sound boom mic

Back in 2004, Tony Alva kept me in the loop as they were filming the ‘Lords of Dogtown’ movie. On June 1st, I met him in Pasadena, Ca. where the ‘Dogbowl re-issue’ was being used for filming. I was told that the house belonged to a producer who agreed that the pool could be built for the film, as long as it was replaced with a long narrow ‘lap’ pool after filming wrapped. The pool was amazing. It was huge, smooth & fast. I rode several old Stacy Peralta boards & helped with the sound during some of the final shooting. It was great to meet some of those working on the film & to skate there with TA. The pool was destroyed & replaced after filming….much to my  dismay. Regardless, I had an amazing time & am grateful to have been there. Thank you to TA for the invitation. Skate-Ozzie