Ozzie Ausband

Here today, gone tomorrow.

There are times when we lose. We know that all skate spots fall by the wayside & are lost to us. Its only a matter of time. This one was of the ‘epic’ variety. A true ‘Ten-minute miracle’ pool. We would stealth & ride it for ten minutes only, then be ghosts & disappear into the shadows. If you didn’t spend those ten minutes wisely…you lost. We sat on it, periodically tasting of its perfect sweetness. One day, it was filled; a swimmer. The house was watched by realtors.  Finally, about 9 months later, it was gutted. The house reduced to only studs & framework. The coping was man-handled & off in most places. We were -collectively-appalled. We pumped it out & Salba got a few turns in it, but it went the way of the dinosaur. This week, Sam & I found her in ruin. Fini. Skate & appreciate …it might be gone the next time you visit. Ozzie