Ozzie Ausband

Logan Earth Ski

Tony Alva at Fruitbowl
Logan Earth Ski. The First Family of Skateboarding. They were around making boards and ripping it up before most people knew what a skateboard was. Think about that for a minute. It is a pretty cool thing. The family had some very influential skaters. Brad, Bruce, Brian and Robin all rode in contests and represented skateboarding around the world. They were innovative and unique.
Brad Logan at Wallos in Hawaii
Brian Logan - nose wheelie
Bruce Logan- stadium demo
Robin Logan- high jump
In a world of posers and conformity, the Logan's stood alone. They took an idea and a product that they believed in... they nurtured it and helped create a way of life for generations to follow. Thank you to the Logan family. Aerial Action Sports is preparing to relaunch the Logan Earth Ski line. In an agreement with the family, Aerial will be producing all of the past models so that the Logan line can continue with its proud legacy. Skate- Ozzie Aerial Action Sports Logan Earth Ski
Jay Adams