Ozzie Ausband


Inspired. They inspired me in my youth and continue to do so now. I think that they are two of the most soulful hardcore skaters on the planet. They really don’t care. Never have. I mean, in the larger scope of things I think they care…  but to give a damn about what others think or with regard to bodily injury to themselves? I don’t think that either of them give it a passing thought. I remember my friend Jim Howell helped me paint lines on the bottom of my board when DP’s model came out and we went outside and learned sweepers on my rickety half pipe. We both slammed that day. My friend loaned me his Z-flex board one time back in 1977. I told him over the phone that I had the chicken pox and he shouldn’t come by the house to pick it up. I rode it on my ramp everyday…  for a whole week!  Inspired. Thanks to MRZ for the image. Skate- Ozzie