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Chris Miller- Dew Tour Diary II

Pedro Barros

Chris Miller - Pro Bowl Prelims

I realized today that I am spoiled by California weather. The east coast is just a whole other deal and after yesterday’s rain, sun, lightning, rain, etc. and then todays extra sunny hot humid sun,  I realized I am a fair weather Encinitas baby. East coasters: you are tougher than me!

Alex Sorgente

Fortunately for me they saved the evening sesh for the Legends and ran pro qualifiers during the part of the day when the sun was in the ‘on’ position. I watched all the qualifiers and some amazing skating went down. Great skating by all the usual suspects like Bucky Lasek, Hatchell, Sandro, and Andy Mac. They were great as the results show. But this isn’t really meant to be a recap or blow by blow. It’s just my point of view.  For me, heat five was the highlight of the day. Pedro, Charlie Blair and Alex Sorgente! Holy crap. Amazing opening runs. Absolutely on fire. And it just went on from there for the next four!

Andy Macdonald

Pedro Barros is incredible. Over head frontside airs off the shallow hip into an eight foot melon 540 into the deep pocket! Shredding lines, grinding all the way around the corners, covering ground like no one else… Just absolute maximum limits skating. His first place Qualifying position is well deserved. So you’re in a heat with Pedro who is going nuts, what do you do? If you’re Alex Sorgente you  answer back with your own brand of incredible skating. Certainly not as flat out but more control and a deep bag of tricks landed Sorgente in to 6th place for the cut. Really this ranking doesn’t quite do his skating justice today. He was skating great and will be a force in future pro bowl events no doubt. I am exited to see what he does in Sundays final.

Tom Scharr

The other stand out in heat five was Charlie Blair. While Charlie did have a few too many falls to make the cut to the finals, he did some amazing padless shredding. Charlie has a very unique style and trick selection and great energy in his skating. So fun to watch…

Zach Miller

The results are what they are, and heat five was amazing, but I do also want to say congrats to my son Zach for making the finals! Zach is coming into his own as a pro and has great power, speed and finesse in his style. Easily some of the best lines and speed out there and a 9th place slot for finals to show for it. Stoked for you Zach! - Chris Miller
Images: Kanights, Crosland, Ortiz

Ben Hatchell

1 Barros Pedro Florianopolis, BRA 83.00
2 Lasek Bucky Baltimore, MD 80.75
3 Schaar Tom Malibu, CA 80.25
4 Hatchell Ben Manassas, VA 79.00
5 Macdonald Andy Boston, MA 79.00
6 Sorgente Alex Lake Worth, Florida 77.50
7 Rodriguez Joshua Banning, Ca 76.75
8 Dias Sandro Costa Mesa, BRA 75.25
9 Miller Zach Cardiff By The Sea, CA 75.00
10 David Kalani North Shore Of Oahu, Hawaii 74.25