Ozzie Ausband

One Last Look


The Nude Bowl. It represented many things to those that had the chance to ride there. Skaters visited from all over America, Britain, Europe, Australia…  everywhere. One never knew what one would see, taking the drive up the rutted dirt road to the concrete slab. I saw the yellow Sector 9 box truck sitting beside the pool one time. I was thinking, “How in the hell did they get that thing up here?!” I saw bands, beer, bongs and bro’s. I saw people I didn’t know, doing things I won’t forget. I saw towers of floodlights that lit up the nighttime like the day.   I saw people having sex in a sleeping bag while skaters rolled in and out on the deck a few feet away. I saw skateboarders ride the pool from night until dawn. I saw the morning sun burn its way across the ghostly hillsides…  I saw it all. Thanks to Chris McCaw for the images. Skate- Ozzie