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Kent- Skyline Bowl

Kent Senatore

“That’s the Skyline Bowl. It was off Mulholland between Laurel and Coldwater Canyon. The Skyline was walking distance from my dads house. Another spot – the Toilet Bowl – was closer and better, but it was crowded with older dudes so we gravitated to this place. When we started skating it, there were only a few of us and some dude that lived in the house directly above it. He rode a 10 speed bicycle in there. He ruled the place at first with those big old wheels and those speed lines of his… The guy would light it up with shop lights on extension cords running from his parents house. It’s also the place that I first met Jerry Valdez. The Jer just showed up one day with Mark Smith and Dave Ferry and then did a handstand down the road to the bottom. It had those deep rough grooves for traction. I remember thinking that ” …this dude is fucking nuts!”  I didn’t believe a thing he told me for months. By the time this photo was taken, we were way more into the pools, but still rode the school yards and ditches all the time. It was  a cross over period. That is my brother Scott in the background. I don’t remember this day specifically, but I do recall when my knees flexed like that without feeling like over stretched rubber bands!” - Kent Senatore

Thank you to Kent Senatore for the memories and William Sharp for the image. Skate- Ozzie