Ozzie Ausband

Zach Miller / Baldy

Zach Miller. Legacy. Big shoes to fill? He’s up to the challenge. A few months ago, Zach asked about a visit to the Baldy full pipe. I went up a few weeks in advance and patched, painted and prepared the pipe. It was terribly rough at the bottom.

We met up and finally made the trip out to the sacred spillway. The big round, concrete church. Zach was busy doing his thing and Swift was documenting the day. It was a good one. On the way out, I decided to jump the pit. Swift caught it… I barely made the gap and I must admit that jumping out is a far worse mind screw than jumping in!  During the day, I took this image of Zach high up in the Baldy blow hole. Thanks to Swift for the image. Thanks to Zach for being rad! Skate- Ozzie