Ozzie Ausband

pool tiles

clearly my favorite
typical Blue Haven tile work. 1970s style Blue Haven tile work-  early morning grid search -September Since we just took a nice look at the pool builder Pascal Paddock, I thought we could keep up with the theme & check out a few pool tiles. I've probably seen more pools than most people in skateboarding & I must say that there are hundreds of tile variations. There are different color combinations & sizes. Pool companies put their logo on these as well sometimes. Skaters usually don't take these though. Once grouted onto the pool, they are hard to remove without breaking them... and it will mess up the riding surface as most are on the wall below the coping. Here are some that I've run across when I search the grid. I must admit, I have thousands of pool photographs so...  these are just a few from the last six months or so. Thank you for reading. Skate- Ozzie Tropic Pools stair tile- Palm Springs/ Indio Swan Pools stair tile Blue Haven & smaller companies used these all over Los Angeles & Orange County. Sunset Pools- I don't see these very often. They usually have a black seahorse on the waterfall. Sunset seahorse - inserted into plaster on pools shallow end floor. beautiful Blue Haven tiles & side ladder stairs. ahhhh... Anthony Pools -stair tile D.H. Williams- usually good pools I just had to show you all a really nice square corner...  Anthony Pools  early 1960s Royal Pools