Ozzie Ausband

Brian Fick

Brian Fick - Hurricane Combi Corner Image: Borden

I met Brian through my friend Jonathan Spooner. I was director of the Mission Valley YMCA skatepark back in 1999-2000. Jonathan worked there with me. Brian Fick moved into San Diego about the same time that I left the YMCA. He started frequenting the YMCA and riding with Jonathan and the crew. Our friends were all the same but our paths didn’t cross for a long time. One day, Brian calls me out of the blue and asks about bringing Alex Perelson and John Torchia out to ride Ridiculous. They came out and we’ve become pretty good friends. He is always funny, helpful and – unlike many skateboard photographers– he can rip!  He carries the respect of our sports top riders because he can truly take great photographs and he rides along side them daily. Brian is the real deal and I have his back. 100% . He is having a photographic show coming up. Get there. To see more of his amazing work, visit the website link below. His images are stunning. Skate- Ozzie

Brian Fick Photography