Ozzie Ausband

Australia's - Adrian Jones

A couple of months back, I was stoked to hear that a friend of mine and skater- Adrian “Errol” Jones - would be in California about the same time as me.  Me and a buddy -Glen - would be there for a couple of weeks skateboarding with friends. I was excited especially because I knew this would be Adrians first time in the States skating, but also that I would be able to photograph the experience and skate with him.

You see, as a kid I recall walking into the "Skateboard World" skate shop in Burwood Sydney. I was about 10 or 11years old. It was the early 1980's. I was gobsmacked the first time Mum let me go in for a look. It seemed so big that you'd never get to the back of the store. Endless boards lined the wall. there was a glass case with wheels, bearings, trucks and so on that separated me from those decks with their awesome graphics. MY eyes trawled them all until I saw the one that said "Jones". The skateboard on the wall had my last name on it. I thought that was so cool!

Although Adrian worked there for some time, I actually saw him for the first time skating at North Ryde skatepark in the Big Keyhole Bowl doing frontside airs across the channel. It was then that I knew why he deservedly had his name and graphic on that board on the wall of the skateshop. It would be some 25 years later that I would meet Adrian and get to know him as a friend and fellow skater. As far as Australian skateboarding goes, Adrian has been there from way back in the 1970’s. Many things have been written about what he has done but more important is that he is still ripping today. It seems Adrian isn’t content to rest on his laurels or talk about what went down “back in the day”. Credibility and –more so –satisfaction, is far more about whats happening in the “here and now” for this man. To mention almost anything skateboard related with Adrian is to light a fire that burns with great passion and this is reflected the moment Adrian steps on his board. What makes skating with AJ so much fun is his easy going attitude, friendly nature and youthful enthusiasm. When your skating with him you can’t help but want to push hard, hit the lip and take the grind.

Special thanks to Ozzie, Brandon Wong, Cam Dowse, Glen, Josh Borden and all our friends in Cali for the chance to skate some great spots!
Tony Jones