Ozzie Ausband

Tony Alva / Pool Dream


Check out legendary ripper Tony Alva doing what he does best in a pool at an abandoned Hollywood Boulevard apartment building in this gorgeously sinister testament to the beauty of skateboarding as an art form.

L.A. production company, Six Stair, perhaps best known for their righteous 2002 documentary, Fruit of the Vine, about the search for skateable empty pools around the U.S., shot the footage below for Gus Van Sant’s 2007 film, Paranoid Park, but it was never used.

According to Buddy Nichols, who also appears in the segment along with Rick Charnoski and Ivory Serra (Buddy and Rick are the brains behind Six Stair, and Ivory is sculptor Richard Serra’s nephew), the deserted apartments were once home to drag queen actor, Divine, and are rumored to have hosted a few Marilyn Monroe/JFK liaisons.

The spastic, sludgy free-jam supplied by former Don Caballero bassist, George Draguns, is the perfect accompaniment for this nightmarish (in a good way) clip shot at 54 frames per second on super 8.

You can hear more from George Draguns at his Soundcloud page.  Paranoid Park is streaming on Netflix.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/9030408]

Thank you to DANGEROUS MINDS and Jason Schafer. Thanks to Glen E. Friedman for the image. Go find a pool and skate - Ozzie