Ozzie Ausband

Chris Miller- Tell Us About It.


Chris Miller

“Bucky’s pool is a masterpiece for sure. Absolutely perfect concrete work, beautiful coping, and angles that work really well. It’s wide open, but you never really lose speed in it. In fact, if you’re riding it right and tapping into the lines, there’s an abundance of speed. Almost too much. The shallow end is something like nine foot deep and it doesn’t have any flat, so when you drop and get a solid pump off the waterfall, you have a scary amount of speed. It’s this super intense acceleration that doesn’t really happen at other spots. Of course, you need the speed to get up those giant walls, but the way you feel the speed is very unique and kind of startling the first few times you skate it. This particular shot was from some of our first sessions there. The deck hadn’t been poured yet which was sort of scary-weird and made everything feel another foot or so higher. The line I take to get into this tail grab is a slingshot carve through the giant shallow pocket (that feels amazing all by itself) and sets me up with speed for a massive air. it usually takes me a few tries to make one of these because there’s just so much speed and G’s, it’s easy to go too high and have it get away from me. That said, if I can control the launch and control take off, the landing can be somewhat forgiving. That big corner is like a massive catchers mitt just waiting. There’s so much transition and curve that I can kind-of land anywhere. The other thing is that it spits me back out down the long way on the flat, so I can relax once I put it down. It’s pool skating with snowboard scale.” - Chris Miller

Thank you to Chris Miller for taking the time to tell us about it. Thank you to MRZ for always being there and providing the skateboard world with stellar images. Skate- Ozzie