Ozzie Ausband

What did you do today?

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first find…
I have been out of the loop for nearly 3 weeks after the demise of my laptop. My elbow is still a bit gnarly from the ‘Pedlow’ incident with TA. Mike Early of ‘Pool King’ skateboards, gave me a laptop & I must thank him right here & now. Thank You! Thank You! Friday night, as I drove home from working, I phoned my pool pal- Sam, who has been hurt since the ‘Lances pool’ session of early January. Sam told me that he hopes his new doctor practices ‘medicine’ & not ‘greed’ like his last physician….funny. He can’t seem to get his knee healed. Get well brother. He agreed to meet me early Saturday morning, to hunt & drain. I awoke early-as usual- and started driving the grid at first light. I found some new ‘possibles’. Sam met me at ‘Ridiculous’ with a full scale downpour, making things unbearable. We said ‘the hell with it’ & drove the grid anyway. We found a few that were tiny in trannies, but big on pain….four-finger Anthonys & elliptical squares. We saw rain & puddles. We saw cars slipping off the freeway. We saw people huddled under bus stop roofs, sharing cigarettes & misery. We saw garbage, gutters running & more rain. However, we found more than most could hope for, when we cut through a boarded up ghetto near Riverside. We found a sweet little ‘butterbean’ with a plywood cover. Removing this was difficult, but we prevailed. We were soaked & cold but overcame the storm. With the rain pounding down, we finished just as the clouds let loose a ‘hailstorm’ on us. We gathered our gear & headed back to the house to warm up & dry out. In the ‘Badlands’, we do all that is necessary…do you? What did you do today?. Skate-Ozzie