Ozzie Ausband

Black & White.

I’ve heard it said that, “The only thing that should be separated by color…is laundry.” The world is too convoluted & diverse to remain the way it is. People are fighting over race, gods & ideologies; frightened of each other because we are different. Its sad. If there are alien beings out there in space, I am sure that they are smart enough to keep their distance. All we seem to do is kill, maim & brutalize each other. Humanity seems parasitical. We destroy everything & each other. Fear–it seems–is the mind-killer.

Everyone is so scared & jealous. “WE are right & YOU are wrong.” There are these ‘cliques’ & those ‘groups’. Technology isn’t really helping either. People text & peer intently at screens;  keeping their faces & attention buried in wires & microprocessors. Humans don’t speak to each other. They seem to be looking –anywhere–for a distraction; a way out of their mundane lives. I am no different. I feel the urge to ‘escape’ on a regular basis. If I didn’t have those urges, I wouldn’t be a ‘recovering’ alcoholic & drug addict.

Its simple. Life is difficult, frenetic & dangerous. It can be very trying. Some of us have pretty poor coping skills. The world can kick the hell out of us at times. However, there are perfect moments periodically, which make life wonderful. These differ from person to person. For some, its the peacefulness of their kids sleeping. For others, its the gratification of a painting, poem or task– well done. For me, its finding, draining & grinding a pool with my friends. These moments may vary, but the results are the same. They give our lives meaning.

Escape & fear are a part of life. But, by channeling those escape urges & fears into something positive, I think we grow as human beings and are the better for it. All humanity is shared. We are not here to–only– operate out the limbic system in our brains. We are not here to –simply–eat, sleep & propagate. There is a higher purpose. Only you can know what that is. It comes, not from hate or control over others. It comes from no god or guru…it only comes from inside of you. We need to stop fearing others because they are different than us. Live better & smarter. Be kind. Thanks to the Floridian that provided the Mike Mcgill/Jim Goodrich image. It may be in ‘black& white’, but its flooded with color in my eyes. Skate-Ozzie